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ML Brazil
As I work in a foreign organisation and mostly talk Portuguese to my colleges, my weekly English lesson gives me the opportunity to read and discuss business articles that I would not normally read.
GDF Italy
Jennifer is an excellent English teacher. With the support she gave me when I came from Italy I could improve my English very quickly. Her lessons were never boring, we always had interesting reading to do or subjects to discuss. She is a lovely person and very flexible to tailor the lessons to your needs, she even looked at pieces of my work to provide me with useful advice. I strongly recommend her.

AP Italy
Jennifer was my English teacher for quite a while in London. She used real-life material with a multi topic approach which made my lessons very productive and interesting. Aside from lessons, she also supported me for the submission of the ‘Talented Young Italian Award 2014’ where I was shortlisted by Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry UK. reliable!

LK Lithuania I had the pleasure to do a 10 session English training course with Jennifer. It was a great experience! Jennifer paid close attention to my needs and weaknesses and adjusted the course accordingly. She made sure that the learning materials matched my interests so I did not just improve my English, but also learnt a lot of new things. Every lesson was well structured and very well-paced.

KP Poland After I had been promoted I was asked to interview some candidates. Jennifer helped me to prepare by talking about the types of questions I could ask. This helped me to recruit a strong candidate who has since become my deputy.

LS Brazil
I am in London for a short time so want to enjoy my stay as much as possible. Jennifer often tells us about interesting places to visit, places to eat and shows to watch. As I also have an interest in beer, we have discussed pubs and English beers.