August 2015

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  • Uni

    One of my students is about to start a university course in London. With this in mind, we agreed to have some Skype sessions to develop her spoken English as she doesn’t have much opportunity to practice with native speakers who can also correct her grammar. In a short period of time, E has shown […]

  • Time Stealers

    S and I have been working on how he can delicately and diplomatically deal with two colleagues who like to call him and chat at various times of the day. The first person works alone so she likes to talk about different things for long periods of time as she obviously doesn’t have anybody to […]

  • Very Convenient!

    Why Skype? Most people use Skype nowadays to engage with a loved one, so why not use it for learning too? It is a fast and convenient way for students to practice their spoken English with a native speaker, who can correct both their grammar and pronunciation. This method will help students to see an […]